Hello there! I am Kandi. A stay at home working mommy, a wife to a handsome husband, and a daughter of the Lord.

A few things you should know about me:
I love chocolate
A well lit room makes me happy and refreshed
I can’t live without making lists – it makes me feel productive to cross something off!
You can usually find me in sweatpants
A lot of my nights are spent watching Netflix with my husband
A clean room makes me feel put together (even though it rarely happens with two kiddos around and that is ok! It shows we live here!)
I enjoy going for walks with my family
We are a dancing family. It is a rare day if we don’t have music blaring in our house and aren’t busting out some kind of dance moves
Most importantly I love our sweet Jesus – He brings me hope and fulfillment!

My days are filled with taking care of the two little people that run around our house, or should I say “run our house”? They bring us more joy and stress than we ever imagined possible. They are two of our loves!

I grew up in a small town in Iowa. I met my husband, Eric, at MSU. We got married in 2010. After college we decided to stay in this area (although some days I think I am living in the wrong state because I am always cold…even at 80 degrees!) Eric is truly my biggest fan. I am so grateful for him and the love, support and encouragement he pours into me. He truly pushes me to pursue my goals and is always right beside me every step of the way. He is my love.

Most people say “I can’t live without my coffee”. Well…that is not me! I can barely stand the smell of coffee and I am sure you will find it ironic that my husband co-owns a coffee roasting business here in town (a little plug for them…check out their website HERE!). That’s ok!…he has his coffee and I have my chocolate.

Something else you should know about me…if you’re out and about and think you see me and I don’t say “hi” or “how’s it going?” it is because it is not me. Yes, I have a twin sister…who looks a heck of a lot like me! We do try to smile at everyone. Don’t feel bad if you mix us up. Believe me, you’re not the first person and you won’t be the last either!

Photography is more than just a job that I do. It is part of who I am. It is building relationships, capturing memories that go oh so fast, finding beauty in places that most people do not see as beautiful and creating memories that will last forever. One of my most favorite things about what I do is getting to walk through life’s journeys with you and so many other people.

I would love to get to know you! Feel free to reach out and say hi or ask a question! Now, enjoy looking around!