Megan: 6 Days Old!…Mankato, MN Newborn Photographer

Meet baby Megan! She was 6 days old when I got to meet her! She slept the whole time that I photographed her and did awesome! Her beautiful dark hair goes so well with the peach wrap I have her in…I was so excited for her dark hair! It seems that it is not too often that a baby is born with a full head of hair and when I get the chance to photograph it I love it! Megan has two older sisters who just adore her and “steal” the cuddle time that mommy gets! She is loved by many!

Alyssa & ┬áMichael – Megan is a very sweet and precious little girl! I am so excited to be able to watch her grow! I can not thank you enough for letting me capture her in her first few days of life! Cherish these moments as they go by fast!


Ivy: 3 Months Old!…Mankato, MN Baby & Children Photographer

Look at these bright blue eyes! Ivy is 3 months old and growing beautifully! I had so much fun with her during her photos. She had so many fun faces that it was hard to pick out which ones I wanted to blog! Her smile just brightened up the room. My little boy Calvin was actually home for a little while during this session and was able to get some pretty good smiles out of Ivy. It was so sweet to see him be so kind to a baby!

Amy & Levi – Look how beautiful your little girl is! I am loving being able to watch her grow! Continue to enjoy every moment with her because before you know it she will be one and running around!


Moses: 6 Months old!…Mankato, MN Baby & Children’s Photographer

It has been so fun to be able to watch this little guy grow! I had such a fun time with him when he was back for his 6 month photos! He is such a happy and content little boy! AND he has more hair than my 18 month old! I have really enjoyed getting to know this family. They are a great inspiration and strong in their faith. I appreciate a lot about them! We ended the session with a few family shots and I absolutely love them!

Alyssa & Edgar – Thank you for letting me capture Moses at 6 months of age. He has a sweet smile and a fun personality. I hope you enjoy these images of Moses as he is only 6 months old once!


Avery: 1 week old …Mankato, MN Newborn Photographer

Meet beautiful Avery! I got to capture this beautiful girl at just one week old. I loved the time I got to spend with her especially since I got to rock her to sleep for 30 minutes! I will never pass up cuddling a newborn baby! She did so good through her session…she slept the whole time and seemed to love being photographed as I caught a few smiles!

Vicki & Jason – I am so happy I got to meet your sweet little Avery! She is beautiful and perfect. I hope you are enjoying being parents so far! Thank you for letting me capture her in her first week of life!


Baby Levi…Mankato, MN Newborn Photographer

I got to meet Levi when he was 5 days old! I absolutely love photographing newborns! They are all different and so sweet! I met Levi’s family through the Preschool that I teach at. I have Levi’s older sister in my class. I have loved getting to know this sweet, kind and lovable family! They (along with the other families and staff at our church) have always been so welcoming to me as this is my first year teaching Preschool! Levi slept for his whole session and did awesome! He pretty much let me put him in whatever pose I wanted! Enjoy these beautiful images of this sweet boy!

Elisa & Justin – Like I said, I have really enjoyed getting to know you and your family! The faith your family has and the love you show is an inspiration to me! Thank you for letting me capture Levi at just 5 days new!